• Sergio

Reclaiming the Coventry Canal

Our Goals

Both the canal and the urban environment in Foleshill were designed for economic purposes, prioritising industrial activities and infrastructures over liveable spaces. Moreover, the neighbourhood has been neglected in the recent decades, and the few public spaces that remain are in a very poor condition.

We want to challenge this situation and mobilise the local communities to transform and take ownership of the canal and its surroundings and make the most out of them. It is not coincidental that Foleshill, being a poor neighbourhood with a strong presence of migrant communities, have long suffered a lack of investment in its public space, including the canal.

by Sergio (ReCC Coordinator)

From ReCC, we want to contribute to challenge the structural discrimination of BAME people, migrants and the working class. We aim enact diversity and multiculturality in all our activities, and to uncover the stories of minorities that have been covered for too long. But not only local people are being affected by the neglect, the environment is also being affected. The water of the canal is polluted, the soil is loaded with heavy metals, noise pollution is a constant around most of the area, and so on. Taking care of the environment is closely connected with the health and well being of the community. We need to take care of the environment, starting at our immediate surroundings and contributing to the global fight against climate change.

Our Values

However ambitious our goals might be, at ReCC we take the process very seriously. The means, we believe, are as important as the end. Therefore, there are values that permeate all our activities: autonomy and horizontality. ReCC is an autonomous groups. That means that we are a community group working in our own interest and with our own agenda. From the people and to the people. We welcome external funding and donations as long as it does not conflict with our goals and values. And we collaborate with other organisations as long as our goals are aligned and we are able to keep our autonomy. Horizontality refers to rejecting hierarchies and the accumulation of power. In ReCC, we try our best to make participation and decision-making accessible to everyone. This includes offering food, holding children-friendly meetings, and refunding transport costs for those who need it. We rejec