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  • Paul M.

CORONAVIRUS (Covid-19) Support

Over recent weeks and months, the complexity of the Covid-19 crisis has become clearer with wide-reaching and severe societal implications. Of particular concern, are the impacts on already marginalised groups, who invariably become more vulnerable in moments of emergency and crisis. Those who are seeking asylum are one such example. Asylum seekers often experience significant economic and social hardship and are considered one of the most marginalised populations in the UK.

In the shadow of years of austerity and the ‘hostile environment’ immigration policy, asylum seekers in the UK are frequently dependent on grassroots volunteer groups like Carag, charities and religious centres for support, education and care. However, in the face of Covid-19 and social distancing guidelines, such services are having to adjust the services they offer, or in some cases to stop offering their services indefinitely. The Covid-19 crisis then, poses a serious threat to the wellbeing of asylum seekers and the work and support offered through asylum services.

Carag has collated a list of resources to help the vulnerable, from translated advice to information on changes to the asylum process, support available to victims of modern slavery, tips on staying healthy, distance learning and wellbeing support. We will continuously update the information.

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