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Meals For The Homeless

Imagine the world in an unprecedented state of upheaval and uncertainty, and you being homeless. You watch in horror as the world try to understand Covid-19 and fight to halt its spread. You see others adjusting to the ‘new normal’, remaining at home and practicing social distancing...but you don’t have a home which means you have a higher risk of catching corona virus.

by Last Mafuba

This describes a real life scene in the life of an asylum seeker/refugee with no recourse to public funds. Luckily, the local authority came to their rescue and gave them shelter but unfortunately, have no access to kitchen/ cooker in their new accommodation. Thus, they have shelter but another basic need is missing - food. When I heard their situation I quickly offered to make them meals in my kitchen. You see, I am African and my culture teaches me that ‘the self’ is not separate from the world.

It is intermingled with the natural and social environment. Hence, what these individuals were feeling, I empathised. I love people. My purpose is to have a positive impact on them and leave behind a legacy through kindness. Therefore, making meals in my kitchen was the most natural reaction to the situation and the least I could do to help. I am working with the Coventry Asylum and Refugee Action Group (CARAG) with chairperson Loraine Mponela and Alex Hilton from The Peace House. I am ever so grateful to the volunteers who do the deliveries and everyone who has donated their cash. To date I have made over 500 meals and will not stop until the situation improves and will do it all over again if need be.

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